Sport Concussions

BioSignal Group Provides microEEG® for Sports Concussion Management

BioSignal’s microEEG® product platform is a revolutionary solution to sports concussion management allowing immediate diagnosis and treatment. The microEEG® is an FDA approved, small, lightweight, multi-channel, portable EEG device that empowers people to use brain function assessment to diagnose and treat sports concussions. Our product has revolutionized concussion identification and treatment for athletes by providing a series of Baseline, Post-Injury, and Return-to-Play EEG scans. Sports concussions are a real concern for athletes of all levels and we are committed to seeing athletes return to play safely.

Portable EEG Detects Sports Concussions

A sports concussion is a brain injury and must be taken seriously. Any sport-related incident that occurs means a decision must be made about whether an athlete can return to practice or competition. Adults working with youth or recreation sports as well as collegiate and professional athletes need immediate care when sports concussions occur.

Diagnosing a sports concussion at sports fields, athletic centers, and schools can now be done with a simple, easy to administer, microEEG that provides fast, accurate results.

Sports Concussions Diagnosed and Treatment Plans Setup

BioSignal also delivers cloud-based, remote EEG Interpretation through our EIP Physicians Panel. One of our board certified neurologist can provide instant interpretation and establish a treatment plan for anyone with a sports concussion in less than an hour.

Learn how BioSignal’s portable EEG system can change sports concussion management completing the form or calling us at 978.429.8756.