Portable EEG

Portable EEG

BioSignal Group Provides a Portable EEG to Monitor Brain Activity Anywhere

BioSignal’s portable EEG is a revolutionary solution that enables functional brain monitoring anywhere at any time, for everyone. The microEEG® is an FDA approved, head mountable, miniature, multi-channel, portable EEG. microEEG uses a comfortable, easy-to-apply, disposable cap of electrodes and an interpretive platform to allow for instant evaluation of EEG scans. The full 10-20 electrode configuration can be applied by non-EEG technicians with minimal training. BioSignal’s portable EEG changes the emergency department, physician private practices, and sports concussion assessment.

Portable EEG For Emergency Departments, Private Practices, and Sports Concussion Assessment

BioSignal’s portable EEG makes rapid brain function assessment available where it is needed, including emergency departments, ICUs, psychologist and psychiatric practices, sports fields, athletic centers, and schools. It is simple, easy to administer, and provides fast, accurate results.

BioSignal’s microEEG is the only portable EEG that:

  • Is FDA approved
  • Takes only 5 minutes to set up using a novice tech
  • Enables remote interpretation
  • Meets the requirements for reporting existing CPT codes

Access to board certified neurologists is available 24/7/365 via our physician panel.

A Complete Portable EEG Product Platform

BioSignal provides more than just a portable EEG device, it also delivers disposable electrodes and cloud-based, remote EEG Interpretation. The portable EEG detects and securely transmits recordings to a remote server where a board certified neurologist provides instant interpretation and provides an e-signature for a formal report. This portable EEG platform can be programmed to generate daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly reports.

Learn how BioSignal’s portable EEG system can change how you monitor brain activity by completing the form or calling us at 978.429.8756.